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Temporary AC Rentals

Serving Orange County & Riverside County

When it’s hot outside and your air conditioning needs work, ceiling fans and spritz bottles simply do not do enough to keep you cool and comfortable. With Dynamic Air Services, you don’t have to rely on rudimentary cooling methods. Unlike many competitors that may keep you waiting in the heat for days until repair or system replacement can be completed, we have temporary air conditioning systems to keep your home or business chilled while you wait for installation or repairs to your cooling system.

While Dynamic Air Services works on the perfect solution for your air conditioning needs, we can install temporary AC systems to make sure you are comfortable indoors throughout the project.

Don’t feel miserable and sit around fanning yourself all day – temporary AC from Dynamic Air Services makes life far more pleasant while you wait for complicated repairs or installations.

How Temporary AC Systems Work

Dynamic Air Services uses temporary AC systems that cool your home or business with surprising efficiency and great comfort. These powerful units are a great solution when you have to wait a few days for your air conditioning to get fixed. They look similar to space heaters or air purifiers. Here’s how it works:

  • The AC unit sits on the floor in your main living area(s). The unit has two tubes that connect to the outside through a window.
  • One tube brings in fresh air. The system cools that air to provide air conditioning.
  • The other tube dumps the hot exhaust air outside.
  • Condensation will evaporate or get directed to a drain pan.
  • That’s it! We set up the temporary AC system, and you enjoy the cool air.

Temporary AC for Immediate Relief

When installing air conditioning or making important repairs, sometimes the quick fix isn’t the right solution. That’s why temporary AC systems are so important. You want professional and high-performance air conditioning — not a sloppy repair job. At Dynamic Air Services, we work quickly to get your regular AC working at top performance — but when the job may require plenty of time, we’re happy to provide temporary AC to save the day.

Request Temporary AC Relief Today

Worried about going without AC because of problems with your air conditioning? Call Dynamic Air Services and we’ll bridge the gap with temporary cooling along with a lasting solution.

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