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HVAC For Room Additions

Serving Orange County & Riverside County

If you’re renovating or adding a room, we have some great news regarding the HVAC solutions that are available. Dynamic Air Services installs a wide range of heating and cooling systems that are perfect for room additions. Our experts can help you make sure the new space is comfortable for you and your guests by selecting and installing the ideal HVAC system for your particular room addition.

Call us today or use our contact form to discuss your plans for the room addition, and we’ll set up a consultation with our Orange County HVAC technicians.

What Are the Best HVAC System for Room Additions?

The best choice for your room addition depends on several factors, such as the HVAC equipment you already have, the layout of the home and addition, and how you plan to use the new room. Your HVAC technician from Dynamic Air Services will help you weigh the options in determining if you should extend the existing system or add a single-room unit.

We generally recommend one of these options for room addition HVAC solutions:

  • Ductless mini-split systems. Ductless units heat and cool, with enough power to handle the Southern California temperatures. They’re nearly silent, very energy-efficient, and run on electricity. They are easy to install and do not require a large wall opening.
  • New ductwork. If your HVAC is rated for the new, larger square footage of your home, we can potentially add ducts and set things up without entirely new equipment.
  • New HVAC installations. If you would prefer a new central unit to cover your expansions, or if your HVAC is simply ready to be replaced anyway, we can help you choose the right size and type of equipment for your new, bigger home.

Installing HVAC for Room Additions and Renovations

At Dynamic Air Services, we pride ourselves on excellent service and cutting-edge technology. In terms of choosing and installing HVAC for a room addition, this means we can help you discover the most energy-efficient and cost-cutting solutions. We’re all about clean, comfortable air and optimum efficiency.

Orange County’s HVAC Specialists for Room Additions

Start with a consultation to see how Dynamic Air Services can help with adding HVAC to your room addition. We serve Orange County, Riverside County, San Diego, and all of Southern California — call ​949-518-3576 or contact us online today!

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