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Rooftop HVAC Systems in Southern California

Homeowners and businesses alike are discovering the energy-efficient, very dependable performance of rooftop HVAC systems. Packaged rooftop units can be air conditioners or combined heating and cooling systems, making it easy to enjoy state-of-the-art comfort in one convenient system.

Rooftop HVAC systems in Southern California make particular sense because we depend heavily on cooling but also need efficient heating during winter.

Contact us at Dynamic Air Services to find out if a rooftop HVAC system is right for your home or business, and we can help select, install, and repair your equipment for top performance.

Benefits of Rooftop HVAC Systems

As with any packaged HVAC system, a rooftop unit brings the benefits of having all your HVAC in one place: less equipment to service, great energy efficiency, and reliable performance. Rooftop systems in particular have benefits thanks to their unique placement:

  • Energy saving: Packaged rooftop units generally use less energy than split systems, particularly in cooling season because hot air rises and cold air falls.
  • Space saving: Free up outdoor space and eliminate the need for an indoor air handler. An elegant solution for buildings that lack outdoor or yard space.
  • Noise reduction: Rooftop HVAC may produce significantly less noise compared to an outdoor unit near a window or in a crawl space.
  • Simple repairs: Technicians can get on the roof and check all HVAC equipment in one place, rather than accessing both locations of a split system.
  • Perfect for commercial HVAC: Businesses enjoy simple maintenance and the space savings of a rooftop system. Multiple units can be linked together if you ever expand or decide you need more power.

Residential and Commercial Rooftop HVAC

Rooftop HVAC systems in Southern California have been the standard for businesses for decades now. With office and retail space at a premium, it pays to have HVAC equipment over your head. Energy efficiency and easy maintenance also make them simple and affordable for businesses.

Homeowners have become much more interested in rooftop HVAC in recent years thanks to the potential energy savings and the ability to combine heating and cooling in one unit. You can free up your yard space from the outdoor split system and enjoy the energy-efficient cooling of rooftop air conditioning. Dynamic Air Services can help you determine if a rooftop HVAC system is appropriate for your roof and home, and we can help you select the best equipment for your needs.

Rooftop HVAC Systems in Southern California

Our expertise in both commercial and residential HVAC has made us specialists at rooftop equipment. If it’s time to replace your air conditioner or heating system, or you want the best solution for new construction, talk to us about your options. Dynamic Air Services installs and services rooftop HVAC systems in Southern California including top brands. Call or click today to get started with our friendly service and high-tech HVAC knowledge!

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