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San Marcos Air Conditioning Repair

San Marcos air conditioning repair services

Air conditioning is an absolute necessity for a lot of the year in Southern California, especially in areas like San Marcos that run a bit hotter than the coast. Dynamic Air Services has North County covered with high-quality air conditioning repairs by licensed, EPA-certified technicians. We offer great communication and friendly service while working hard to get your home or business cool and comfy again.

To request AC repairs in the San Marcos, CA area, please contact us online or call ​949-518-3576.

Troubleshooting AC Problems

Dynamic Air Services has the right combination of experience, knowledge, and diagnostics tools to solve the tough problems that other San Marcos HVAC guys can’t seem to figure out. We troubleshoot and repair AC problems such as:

  • Higher energy bills — Mysteriously skyrocketing bills can be a sign of a clogged, dirty evaporator coil, condenser, or filter.
  • No air coming from vents — The blower motor or fan may be stuck or broken, or there is a serious duct leak.
  • AC fails to cool to the right temperature — Leaky air ducts, blocked vents, or an undersized AC system can make it impossible to feel cool in every room.
  • Warm air from AC — You may have a refrigerant leak, a dirty coil, a broken evaporator, or other broken or clogged component.
  • Frozen AC unit — This can happen anytime the system has to run harder than it should, but typically it’s due to refrigerant leaks or lack of airflow.
  • Short cycling — If the AC turns itself on and off frequently, you may have thermostat problems, a bad sensor, or oversized equipment.

Air Conditioning Repair in San Marcos

We repair home and commercial AC systems of all kinds, including heat pumps and ductless systems.  Our expansive knowledge of HVAC equipment means that you get faster results that really work and keep your cooling system running smoothly for a long time afterward.

In fact, we stand behind by our work with a 2-year warranty for all AC repairs in San Marcos, in addition to our 10-year installation warranty.

Dynamic Air Services has won awards for outstanding service, and our customer testimonials demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction and quality work. We show up on time, make honest recommendations, and provide professional repairs at affordable prices.

Count on Dynamic Air Services for all San Marcos AC repairs:

Schedule an Estimate for San Marcos AC Repair

Dynamic Air Services is here to fix your air conditioner or get it running more quietly and efficiently. For AC repairs in San Marcos, California, or the surrounding area, call ​949-518-3576 or request an estimate online.

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