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San Juan Capistrano AC Repair

Even though the weather outside is usually just about perfect in San Juan Capistrano, air conditioning can still be a cause for concern. With a long cooling season, your equipment sees a lot of action and repairs are inevitable. Dynamic Air Services in Orange County offers top-quality air conditioning repairs from friendly, certified technicians.

To request an estimate or schedule immediate service for air conditioning repairs in San Juan Capistrano, contact us online or call ​949-518-3576.

Troubleshooting Air Conditioner Problems

There are a few things that any homeowner can do to troubleshoot an air conditioner before calling the professionals. Then, go ahead and call our San Juan Capistrano repair team if the following steps do not resolve the situation.

  • Change or clean the air filter. Dirty filters make it hard for the AC to cool well, which in turn drives up your energy bills because it runs too much.
  • Check the thermostat setting. Many AC units will blow warm air when set to “fan” or “auto.” Check the temperature and set it to “cool.”
  • Check the circuit breaker or fuse. If the air conditioner won’t turn on at all, it may not have electrical power. If you find a blown fuse or tripped breaker, be sure to fix the underlying problem before turning everything back on.
  • Clean debris from the compressor. Your outdoor unit might be blocked with leaves or debris, blocking the normal airflow.

Our San Juan Capistrano AC Repair Services

Here in Orange County, we need energy-efficient air conditioning that keeps us cool and breathing fresh air. Dynamic Air Services can save the day when your AC starts making strange noises, blowing warm or stale air, or simply won’t turn on.

We fix problems quickly and effectively. After discussing the symptoms of your failing air conditioner and conducting an inspection, we get to work fixing the root cause of the issue. We are able to handle it all, including:

Then we make sure that everything else is working well, so you won’t need to call us again anytime too soon!

Why Call Us for AC Repairs in San Juan Capistrano?

In addition to our technical expertise, we at Dynamic Air Services pride ourselves on providing the best customer service of any HVAC company in San Juan Capistrano. We believe in doing things the right way to ensure that you get the experience and results you could hope for.

Our AC repairs come with a reputation you can trust:

  • EPA-certified technicians
  • Licensed and insured
  • Local Orange County business since 1988
  • Guaranteed great customer service
  • Warranty for all labor and materials
  • 5-star average rating on Google

Schedule an Estimate for AC Repair in San Juan Capistrano

Want to get comfortable and prevent worsening problems? Get in touch with us today for professional HVAC service.

Call ​949-518-3576 or contact us online to schedule an estimate for air conditioner repairs in San Juan Capistrano or anywhere in Orange County.

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