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Packaged HVAC Systems in Southern California

You’re lucky enough to live in sunny Southern California, and that means you can get all the heating and cooling power you need from one unit: a packaged HVAC system. The “package” refers to the fact that the equipment includes a powerful air conditioner and an energy-efficient heating system in one box. All the reliable cooling you want in the summer, with an electric or gas heating system right next to it.

Dynamic Air Services recommends packaged HVAC systems in Southern California because they save you space, energy, and money. We can help you select a packaged unit with a gas-electric heating system or a more energy-efficient heat pump. Either way, you get dependable central air conditioning with just the right amount of heating for the winter.

Why Choose a Packaged HVAC System?

Packaged systems contain some of the best technology available for both heating and cooling, and the put the entire system in one place. Packaged HVAC systems in Southern California are particularly desirable because we do not need the highest-powered heating systems. Among the benefits:

  • Save space with less equipment: Packaged units can be placed outdoors or on the roof at virtually any building. No need for an indoor unit!
  • Energy efficiency: Numerous models are available that meet or vastly exceed the Energy Star qualifications for eco-friendly HVAC.
  • A better heating solution for California: Replace your fuel-guzzling furnace or say goodbye to plug-in room heaters when you upgrade your A/C to a complete packaged system.
  • Simple and infrequent repairs: With everything in one place, you have less equipment to protect and worry about, and technicians can quickly troubleshoot and fix problems.

Types of Packaged HVAC Systems

For both residential and commercial use, there are many types of packaged units. In our climate, we recommend focusing on the models that will get you the best cooling while also providing ample heating when you need it.

Air conditioning and heat pump systems provide high-efficiency cooling and heating. Heat pumps use little energy because they simply draw on thermal energy in the outdoor air.

Gas packaged units use propane or natural gas to power a furnace alongside the air conditioner. Perfect for larger, spacious homes or businesses that get colder in winter.

Packaged air conditioners eliminate the need for both an indoor and outdoor unit, placing all equipment in one outdoor box.

Dynamic Air Services Installs Packaged HVAC Systems in Southern California

When selected and installed properly, a packaged HVAC system makes the best solution for both heating and cooling. If you want the most energy-efficient systems without the need for an indoor unit or an additional piece of equipment, Dynamic Air Services can design and install the perfect packaged HVAC system for you. Call us today or use the online contact form to get started!

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