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HVAC For Attic Remodel

Serving Orange County & Riverside County

When remodeling an attic into a living space or bedroom, it’s important to choose the right HVAC solution to keep the new attic space comfortable. Whether you want to expand your heating and cooling to include the attic, or if you need to add a separate new HVAC zone, we can help you find the most comfortable and efficient answers.

Dynamic Air Services helps homeowners throughout Southern California with HVAC solutions for attic remodels and other home improvement projects. Contact us online or give us a call for a consultation with our HVAC specialists!

HVAC Recommendations for an Attic Remodel

If you’ve ever entered an attic without air conditioning in the middle of summer, you know that the dead space there can get hotter than it even is outside. Attics are vulnerable to outside temperatures, even after you have insulated and finished the space.

Our technicians will help you choose HVAC systems for your finished attic to address all the important considerations:

  • Does your existing heating and cooling have enough power to treat the added square footage?
  • Do you need new ductwork or should you use a ductless mini-split system?
  • Is the insulation ideal for controlling heat and humidity for a finished attic?
  • Which solutions will give you the best energy efficiency and air quality for both the attic and the rest of the house?

Finished Attic HVAC Services in Orange County

Dynamic Air Services excels at finding solutions for indoor comfort in the Southern California climate. We’ll look at your home’s current heating and cooling equipment, the layout and size of the remodeled attic, and then recommend cost-effective solutions.

Options for adding HVAC to an attic remodel include:

  • Extend your existing ductwork and add a thermostat zone for the finished attic.
  • Add a ductless mini-split system that can both heat and cool the room (and avoid overtaxing your existing HVAC).
  • Relocate ductwork for the central air if it is currently located inside the attic.
  • Add a new central HVAC unit for a large attic that will be lived in full-time.

Consultations for Attic Remodel HVAC in Southern California

Take advantage of our experience and expertise at developing heating and cooling solutions for unique spaces. Call us today at ​949-518-3576 or request an appointment online for a consultation about remodeled attic HVAC systems in the Orange County and Riverside County areas.


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