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Limit Control Switch Replacement

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Being able to control your home’s heating with some degree of accuracy is important. Most of the time we just set the thermostat and don’t think too much more of it. An important part of controlling your home’s temperature is your furnace and a switch inside the unit called a limit control switch.

If your furnace continually runs and does not switch off at the correct temperature, there may be a problem with your furnace limit control switch. Contact the team at Dynamic Air Services for troubleshooting and repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Limit Control Switch Replacement in Orange County

The limit control switch is an electrical switch that works by opening when the temperature around it reaches the expected point. In older units, this switch is also used to turn the blower motor on and off. When the switch also takes on this function, it may be called a fan/limit control.

When you have a problem with your limit control switch the system cannot tell when it has reached its designated temperature. This may cause your system to sporadically turn on and off, or it may mean that your system runs continuously even after reaching its set temperature.

A broken or faulty limit control switch can be a headache and it may lead to excessive energy costs.

If your furnace is not working correctly, you may need limit control switch repair. Contact the team of heating professionals at Dynamic Air Services, we can help get your furnace running effectively and efficiently.

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If your furnace is not working to heat your home effectively, there may be an issue with the limit control switch. Our locally owned company takes pride in giving each customer the highest quality HVAC services. We use the latest technology to help our experienced technicians quickly troubleshoot and diagnose any problems. We then provide service and workmanship that goes above and beyond what many customers expect from an HVAC company.

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