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Residential Installation Warranty

Air Conditioning and Heating Warranty information: Your newly installed Air Conditioning or Heating system will have a 10 year labor Warranty. To Qualify for this extended warranty these systems must retrofitted to current standards. Dynamic Air Services will calculate your current systems capability’s and either correct the size of the system we are installing or make improvements to the air duct design for maximum efficiency and performance. If the required changes that are needed for proper operation are declined the warranty will only carry for one year on parts and labor.

Service and Repair Warranty

Air Conditioning and Heating Warranty information: All parts, material and labor are covered under warranty for two years after a repair is complete. This warranty applies only to the parts repaired or replaced. If a part that was not repaired or replaced fails during this two year period it is not covered by this warranty. Example, if we replace the indoor fan motor and the outdoor fan motor fails during the warranty period. The outdoor fan motor is not covered under this warranty