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Commercial Rooftop Packaged HVAC

Serving Orange County & Riverside County

Rooftop packaged HVAC systems put everything you need for heating and cooling in one convenient location. Instead of multiple units taking up precious square footage and requiring separate maintenance, a rooftop system provides efficient and reliable performance — while operating quietly and out of sight.

Dynamic Air Services installs rooftop packaged systems for businesses of all shapes and sizes throughout the Orange County area, and we also offer expert maintenance and repairs for your commercial HVAC system.

Why Choose a Rooftop Packaged HVAC System?

A rooftop system combines air conditioning with a heat pump or furnace, along with humidity and circulation systems for enhanced indoor air quality.

Rooftop packaged systems make an appealing choice for just about any business with a flat roof. The benefits range from lower operating costs to easier maintenance down the road:

  • Energy Efficient: Rooftop systems offer high efficiency during our long cooling season because heat rises and cool air falls. We can also help you find systems with energy-saving features that optimize airflow and humidity levels to provide comfort with minimal energy consumption.
  • Esthetics and Noise: Put your HVAC system on the roof and you can beautify the outdoor space and free up indoor square footage. The rooftop location generally lowers operating noise, too.
  • Lower Repair Costs, Easier Maintenance: Technicians can get to the rooftop to make repairs without disturbing your workday and perform maintenance quickly because there’s only one unit. Rooftop systems are also better protected than ground-level outdoor units, so incidental damage is less likely.
  • Flexible Sizes, Modular Options: Our HVAC experts can help you find the right-sized commercial rooftop system based on the size and layout of the property and your business’s needs. If you want to expand later, we can add modules for greater heating and cooling power.

Commercial Rooftop Packaged HVAC Systems in Orange County

Dynamic Air Services brings knowledge and experience in the installation of rooftop packaged systems. We work with businesses ranging from stand-alone retail stores to large office buildings and warehouses. From selecting the equipment to installing or retrofitting the entire system, we can help you get the best results.

You can also call on us for routine maintenance or emergency repair of rooftop HVAC systems. Our technicians are trained and experienced at working with many brands and models of rooftop packaged systems.

Call Dynamic Air Services today or use our online contact form to get started!

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