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Carrier HVAC Repair in Orange County, CA

Carrier HVAC Dealer in Orange County, CA

Carrier was born in 1902 when Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioner system. By inventing this system, William Carrier helped homeowners take control over their indoor environment. This spirit of invention still lives on in Carrier today, as they work to bring home and commercial buildings the best in HVAC systems. Carrier offers customers a wide range of options when it comes to energy efficient cooling and heating system.

When it comes to repairing your Carrier system you can trust Dynamic Air Services, our HVAC repair team are fully trained and certified when it comes to working on Carrier systems. With each different system comes a different set of knowledge and skills, our HVAC specialists have the right knowledge and skills alongside years of experience.

If you are in need of Carrier HVAC repair, contact our team of experts today at Dynamic Air Services, and let us help you keep your home comfortable.

Carrier AC Repair

If your Carrier cooling system is not cooling your home efficiently, or it has stopped working all together, you may need AC repair. Here are some situations when you may need to call us for Carrier AC Repair;

  • Your AC unit is not working at all and you can’t get it to start.
  • You can hear your system running, however no cold air is blowing.
  • You can hear noises such as clunking, banging, or thumping, coming from your unit.
  • If your unit feels hot you will need to call an AC repair expert as there may be an electrical problem.
  • You have spaces in your home that are freezing cold and others that are too hot.
  • You have been smelling burning, or other smells, coming from your unit or ducts.

Carrier Furnace Repair

When the cold days of winter hit, it is important to have your furnace working efficiently. A broken furnace can cause damage such as broken pipes and make your home uncomfortable. Here are some of the situations you may need to call us for Carrier Furnace Repair;

  • Your furnace is not working and no matter what you try you can’t get it to start.
  • Your home or building has become increasingly dusty and the air feels dry.
  • Uneven heating is happening throughout the home or building, causing hot spots in some spaces and cold spots in others.
  • You have noticed your energy bills rising over the past few months.
  • There are noises such as clunking, banging, or thumping, coming from your unit.

Carrier Heat Pump Repair

If you have a heat pump in your home that is not working correctly, you can likely feel the difference. Many things may be going on within your heat pump that are causing it not to work correctly, here are some issues that may occur;

  • You cannot get your heat pump to work.
  • Your heat pump is tripping the breakers in your house.
  • Your heat pump’s blower has stopped working.
  • Your heat pump is not cycling correctly.
  • You can hear unusual noises from your heat pump.
  • Your heat pump is not cooling or heating your building correctly.

Dynamic Air Services–For all of Your Carrier HVAC Repair Needs

Dynamic Air Services have been working with both home and business owners in the Orange County area, for over 15 years. We believe in providing excellent customer service and workmanship and offer a two year warranty on all work completed. Contact Dynamic Air Services today for affordable and reliable Carrier HVAC repair services in the Orange County, CA, area.

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