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Why Does My AC Make a Popping Sound?

Have you noticed weird sounds coming from your AC unit lately? Maybe these sounds are popping noises that almost sound like a big piece of popcorn being popped, or perhaps they sound more dangerous to you than a piece of popcorn. Popping sounds are not unusual when it comes to air conditioners, however if you do hear these noises it is best to turn your system off straight away and contact AC repair specialists.

Why Does my AC Make a Popping Sound?

So the question is, why does my AC make a popping sound?  There may be a few answers to this. First, we will talk about why we warned you to turn your system off straight away if your system starts making a popping sound.

  • If your system is being flooded with liquid this is not a good thing and it can produce those popping sounds, If your A/C compressor or motor is sucking up liquid refrigerant through the intake side this could lead to major damage to your system if it is not repaired quickly.
  • If there is a problem with the motor bearing or mount this may also cause a popping sound. It may also be the spinning blade inside your system hitting something inside the air handler, or it could be something outside of the unit that is causing an obstruction.
  • Electrical problems such as loose wires or shorts can also make popping sounds. If these problems aren’t corrected they may cause fires or electrical shock.

As you can see with any of the above reasons it is important to call an HVAC specialist right away.

A less serious cause of popping sounds can happen when you have new vents installed or you have your vents cleaned. If this is the case the popping sound could be due to pressure build up inside. This pressure can cause the ducts to expand and this may make an audible popping sound. This problem is not serious and will likely correct itself over time, however unless you are an expert it is hard to decipher the question, why does my AC make a popping sound.

AC Repair Service in Orange County

If you are concerned about weird noises coming from your AC unit the best thing to do is to call a professional. A professional will be able to troubleshoot your system without causing more damage.

If you are in need of AC repair in Orange County, CA, contact the team at Dynamic Air Services today.


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