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Are Maytag HVAC Systems Good?

There are many great brands of HVAC equipment on the market, and truthfully there are few major differences between them. One trusted brand’s air conditioner or furnace will stack up pretty evenly against another brand’s equipment. Given the right specs for the power and energy efficiency your home needs, any legitimate HVAC brand has equipment that will run well — for some amount of time, at least.

The real differences between HVAC brands can be found in testing, quality controls, and quality of installation. Maytag HVAC systems can be considered equal to or better than anything on the market, and it’s not just because of brand name recognition.

Top Reasons to Choose Maytag HVAC

Many people think of Maytag for kitchen and laundry appliances, but have never owned a Maytag air conditioner or furnace. Good news — their HVAC systems are as dependable and high-tech as their home appliances.

Maytag has won several HVAC awards for design, features, and performance, including a Best Buy designation from Consumers Digest and several Dealer Design Awards from ACHR News.

Here’s a rundown of why you should consider Maytag when replacing or installing a new HVAC system:

  • Industry-best warranty of 12 years for all parts, and a 12-year Maytag Dependability Promise to replace the unit if the heat exchanger or compressor fails.
  • Rigorous factory testing including 144 quality checks for air conditioners and as many as 234 quality checks for furnaces. Maytag does not ship lemons.
  • Quietest operation thanks to special fan blades, a custom condenser fan, and a compressor sound blanket.
  • Ultra-high efficiency available for up to 97% fuel efficiency for heating systems and 25.5 SEER for air conditioners.
  • Advanced technology including iQ Drive to automatically adjust output for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

Every Great HVAC System Needs Proper Installation

HVAC installation requires much more than buying a good device and plugging it in. Maytag systems have the technology and quality to offer superior performance — matched with expert work by Dynamic Air Services, you really do get a premium level of comfort and efficiency.

We regularly recommend and install Maytag heating and cooling systems because of their long lifespan, low maintenance, energy-efficient performance, and options to suit small or large homes and businesses.

When installed and serviced by HVAC experts familiar with the equipment, your Maytag HVAC system will run at top shape for the longest time. We offer our own 10-year warranty on all our labor.

Maytag HVAC Installation in Southern California

Dynamic Air Services is a proud dealer and installer of Maytag air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces. We help customers choose the right model for their home, budget, and energy efficiency preferences. Remember, expert installation is required to get the performance and efficiency ratings you see advertised.

For Maytag HVAC installation in the Orange County area, call us today at Dynamic Air Services or fill out the online contact form above.

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