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Nobody wants to replace their air conditioner if they don’t have to, but it’s better to replace your air conditioner if it needs to be replaced before the summer hits. Otherwise, you may end up having to deal with an air conditioner that breaks down when you need it most. Fortunately, we provide professional air conditioner replacement services here at Dynamic Air Services.

Signs You Need Air Conditioner Replacement in Santa Ana

The following are a few signs to look for to identify whether you are in need of air conditioner replacement in Santa Ana:

  • Your air conditioner is over ten years old – Once your air conditioner reaches ten years of age, it’s going to begin wearing down. Odds are that it will begin losing efficiency and effectiveness, and may even begin requiring more frequent repairs. At this point, you’re better off replacing. A new air conditioner will be much more efficient, which will help reduce your energy costs over the long term.
  • Your energy costs are too high – If your energy costs spike upwards as soon as summer rolls around, then your air conditioner is having efficiency problems. It may be time to upgrade to a more efficient model so that you’re not paying an arm and a leg on your cooling bills.
  • You’re paying for frequent repairs – Repairing a faulty air conditioner is much cheaper than replacing it all together – that much is a given. However, if you find that you are having to pay for frequent repairs, then you may want to just cut your losses and upgrade to a newer unit. Those repair costs will add up to the point where you’ll eventually be losing money by not replacing it.
  • Your repair costs are too high – If your A/C unit breaks down and it’s going to cost you $600 or more to repair, you might as well just replace it with a newer model – even if your unit isn’t over ten years old or has experienced frequent repairs. If your repair costs are close to the costs of replacement, you should always go with replacement.
  • Your air conditioner doesn’t cool your home properly – If you find that your air conditioner is beginning to have trouble cooling your home, the unit may need to be replaced. You’ll want to schedule a professional inspection to ensure that a simple repair isn’t all that’s required – but if the unit is consistently having troubles cooling, you’ll want to replace it.

Air Conditioner Replacement in Santa Ana

Here at Dynamic Air Services, our technicians are properly educated, trained and skilled to be able to safely and securely remove your old air conditioner and install a new air conditioner no matter what brand it is. We ensure that your new air conditioner will be properly sized and installed so that it will work as effectively and efficiently as possible.

If you think that you are in need of air conditioner replacement in Santa Ana, then contact us at Dynamic Air Services today.

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