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Air Conditioner Circuit Board Repair & Replacement

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Your air conditioner works hard to cool your home and is made up of many complex parts. One of these parts is the air conditioner circuit board. If your circuit board stops working your whole system will stop working, this may result in your system constantly shorting out, or your system may not start up at all.

If your air conditioner is not working or your electricity fails every time the AC switches on you may have a problem with your circuit board. Contact the team at Dynamic Air Services today, we will diagnose any problems with your system and get it back up and running so that you can enjoy a comfortable home.

Air Conditioner Circuit Board Repair

When your circuit board and any of its components fail it can make your home instantly uncomfortable, it may also cause damage to your air conditioner system if it is not repaired or replaced as needed. Here are some reasons your air conditioner circuit board may fail.

  • A surge in your home’s power may cause circuitry within the board to become damaged.
  • If an inexperienced technician or homeowner uses the incorrect voltage inputs for the circuit board the board may become quickly damaged.
  • The field wires in your circuit board may short or become damaged, this can introduce too much voltage at one time.
  • Pests may make their way into the air conditioner circuit board causing damage to the board or short circuiting the electricity.

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These problems may cause the need for air conditioner circuit board repair or replacement. Many times an air conditioner professional will be able to repair the circuit board rather than replace it. This will depend on the skill of the technician and the damage that has occurred.

Circuit Board Repair or Replacement

Many technicians are not trained or have the right equipment to repair circuits boards. This can lead to replacement when the board may have been able to be repaired. When you contact air conditioner specialists about air conditioner circuit board repair, it is a good idea to ask about experience in this area. Choosing a technician that does not have the right skills can become a costly exercise. Air conditioner circuit board repair is not an easy task and homeowners should choose the right professional team for the job.

Contact Us for Circuit Board Repair

If you are in need of circuit board replacement, contact the team at Dynamic Air Services today. Our team of professionals have the skills, knowledge and tools to repair your air conditioner circuit board.  Our technicians are trained to complete repairs on circuit boards and will not suggest replacement unless it is a necessary option.

Contact our team in Orange County, CA for the best in HVAC repairs and installations, we offer warranties on all parts and services.

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