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AC / Heating Installation

Air Conditioning and Heating warranties


We provide a 10 year labor warranty and 12 year parts warranty with all systems that we install and upgrade to today’s new standards and codes. During our evaluation we will determine if your current system is adequate or what improvements you will need to be eligible for this warranty. Three year maintenance is also required for this warranty. Year one is included with the installation.

If your home needs a new air conditioning or heating system, we can help. The first step is to make sure your current system is properly designed. New standards and codes require that new and replacement air conditioner meets a higher standard than 10 years ago. We make sure your replacement system will meet those standards and pass all state required performance testing.


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Proper Equipment Sizing

  • Oversized air conditioning equipment will increase energy usage, causing higher electric bills
  • Oversized cooling will make you feel cold and clammy
  • Oversized air conditioning equipment will have frequent maintenance problems and a shorter life expectancy, causing expensive repairs and replacements

Proper Air Flow

  • Poor air flow causes up to a 10% increase in operating costs
  • Poor air flow reduces a furnace heat exchanger life. Increasing your chance of a carbon monoxide leak
  • Inadequate airflow results in poor comfort control
  • Inadequate airflow causes lower indoor air quality

Proper air conditioner refrigerant charge

  • About 40% of all systems have an improper refrigerant charge
  • Our Performance Evaluation Computer gets your refrigerant charge perfect every time

Your home’s ductwork

  • Leaks in the return ducts often bring in unfiltered and unconditioned air from attics, garages and crawl spaces
  • The typical home losses 35% of the systems cooling and heating capacity from duct leakage. Proper sealing and insulating can cut the losses in half

Warranty information: The only air conditioning and heating systems that qualify for the 10 year extended warranty are those systems that are retrofitted to current standards. Dynamic Air Services will calculate your current systems capability’s and either correct the size of the system we are installing or make improvements to the air duct design for maximum efficiency and performance. If the required changes that are needed for proper operation are declined the warranty will only carry for one year on parts and labor.

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